About Us

Pangea Formazione was created in 2009, on initiative of Paolo Agnoli and Francesco Piccolo, its charter members, to the purpose of promoting and spreading the use of the probabilistic Bayesian approach.

At the beginning, training courses were Pangea's main trademark, to encourage the use of the Bayesian approach in business decision making. For this aim, Pangea created and managed an university network, coordinating researcher from Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples and Pavia University. Sometimes, managers attending courses asked Pangea for a practical application of the probabilistic approach to their own, real business problems. Those studies shortly evolved in a activity of modelling algorithms and software development and nowadays it constitues our core business.

Nevertheless, the teaching intent still survives, as, within its management consulting, Pangea still aims not to provide turnkey solutions, but to furnish its customers the capability of developing and extending on their own every further appplication.
Pangea is not taking over managers: it stands side by side to them, to provide methodologies and support to their decision making process.

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Henri Poincare

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